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Heather Anne Smith

Heather Anne Smith - Fake Gold Star, Fake Navy SEAL Wife, Fake mother of soldier KIA, Fake mother of deployed soldier, multiple gofundme accounts
Fake Navy SEAL Wife, Fake Gold Star

This scammer is most often known as Heather Anne Smith, she also goes by Heather Amdal, aka Heather Likout, aka Heather McDermott, aka HeatherAnne Likout, aka HeatherAnne Amdal, aka HeatherAnne McDermott, aka HeatherAnne McDermott.

2015 is fast coming to a close and we have learned that professional parasites are constantly lurking … but not always just in the shadows. Please continue to share this vital information that will help protect others from the horrible scams that are being perpetrated on our Military members and their families’ day in and day out. The worst are the ones who target our Gold Star families, and then there is an entire new level of hell to be paid for those pretending to be Gold Stars. Stolen Valor of the worst order.

This is not a new discussion, and as a reminder… Gold Star is not an arbitrary status that anyone can bestow upon themselves or be dubbed as such others for random reasons. The title of Gold Star is defined clearly by Congress at this link:

Gold Star does not include Aunts/Uncles, acquaintances, neighbors, and definitely not other random psychopaths such as the following inductee into Drago’s List (Remember Lori Douhan?).

Heather Anne Smith aka Likout supposedly lives near Joint Base Lewis-McCord, and likes to tell others that she is a member of the military, if she is not claiming to be the wife of a Navy SEAL KIA, or the mother of a deployed soldier, or the mother of a soldier KIA…. Hard to keep up with the lies of this crook.

She keeps busy with a plethora of gofundme accounts collecting money for a variety of scams such as her sick son that she claims is the child of that un-named Navy SEAL KIA, or her own hospital stays for various reasons. Too bad she listed one of her gofundme accounts to help when she was in the hospital during a time she claimed to be at the funeral for Chris Kyle. I was there to pay respects to my Brother and his family, this sick bitch was not there.

What we do know is that the military has no idea who she is per FOIA request, and that she has zero affiliation to the Navy SEAL Community. We also know that she has collected a lot of money with these lies and worked really hard to collect names and information on the Navy SEAL Community and other military services so she can make her scams seem more believable. Some of her collection efforts involve stalking of Navy SEAL family members that were deterred by those within the community.

According to the Army Wives in the Colorado Springs Area - Ft Carson AFB Facebook page posted in 2015:
She has recently joined this group claiming to be an Army wife . . . she is not married to a soldier. She goes by many names and may be using "HeatherAnne MSmith" as a Facebook user name. She also goes by "Heather McDermott", "Heather Likout", "HeatherAnne McDermott-Smith", "Heather M", and other names. Her legal name, according to her driver's license and several court documents in which she is the defendant/respondent, is "Heatheranne Joy Likout".

Her family members state that she routinely stalks, extorts, and discredits military and law enforcement members. The family is actively seeking to remove her two sons from her care and get her admitted into inpatient psychological care. She purports to be a trauma nurse with two Masters Degrees in the medical field. She claims that she was a DoD Flight Nurse and wounded during a Medevac in Afghanistan.

In other forums, she has claimed to be a Physician's Assistant and cardiology surgical nurse that directly trained under Dr. Oz, has 6 months to live due to breast cancer, that her mother is a Navy Officer and trauma surgeon in Afghanistan that committed suicide, that she had two brothers killed in the Iraq/Afghanistan, Claims her dog is a wounded and retired EOD dog that was with her brother when he was killed, and on and on.

Be advised that Heather is never what or who she claims to be. She is very resourceful and will extort information and money in any way possible.

To show you the depth of depravity of this individual, this is the link and information of her Facebook account to raise money for one of her many scams. This one was a claim of cancer everywhere she could find a name to tag it to. Disgusting piece of shit, I would not normally wish cancer upon someone, but I’ll make an exception in this case so she could have a piece of hell on earth. Sick individual:
'Heather Amdal (Heather Likout, aka Heather McDermott, aka HeatherAnne Likout, aka HeatherAnne Amdal, aka HeatherAnne McDermott, aka HeatherAnne McDermott) wife to David W Amdal, mother to Quinn and Tucker, friend and medical professional - flight medic nurse in Iraq, cardiac transplant and lung transplant physician's assistant (PA-c), pediatric ER and NICU nurse, Charge Nurse,and ER nurse is fighting stage four ovarian cancer. She has cancer in her: bones, femur, hips, cervix, bladder, uterus (endometrial), ovaries, liver, lung (she has one lobe removed), and breasts (she had breast cancer twice, a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction.)

This page was created to provide emotional and monetary support for Heather and her family in their time of need, as they struggling with the herculean task of fighting for Heather's life and the stress from the mounting medical bills they are accruing.

ALL correspondence for Heather should be directed through the group's admin: Kari Johanson, via Facebook or her personal email at EverlastingStobgopper@gmail.com or her personal phone number at 206.478.6410 . Heather has enough to deal with right now, and we would like to minimize the amount of stress (both good and bad), by managing her correspondence, particularly in light of some of the negative private messages she has received in the past. Heather's GoFundMe website address is run by Shaine (OB/GYN) & Rob Silberstein, and is located at: http://www.gofundme.com/Fight-The-Ovarian-Cancer'

***This gofundme account is closed for some strange reason now…

Thanks to This Aint Hell for keeping up the good fight against these scammers and Stolen Valor scoundrels:

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