Drago’s list is built on research and facts, but in the end it is my opinion based on these facts.


Organizations to Avoid

Wounded Warrior Project - Live Is Good On Donors' Dime

According to CBS in 2010 Wounded Warrior Project spend $1,741,226 on what they call 'meetings' and 'events'... in 2014 - $26,054,363 on what they call 'conferences', 'conventions', and 'meetings' - wink wink. Life is good on donors' dime for some.

In my opinion this organization should be avoided at this time, so is their CEO Steven Nardizzi.

More information can found here:

Operation Warrior Support Fundraising scam! Active - Dangerous

As exposed by internationally recognized cyber-security expert Jeffrey Carr here:

Operation Warrior Fundraising scam

Anatomy of "Operation Warriors" Fraud:

FACT: Operation Warriors scam established in 2013, raised money that was held by their organization for the purpose of public charitable use while they were not registered to do so. Crooks' claims about not being paid as a business is only a poor attempt to deflect from the truth… and the truth is the registration was required regardless of what they choose to call themselves or how much money was raised. Operation Warriors were not registered in 2013 or 2014 to solicit money… but they did collect the money against their own state charitable laws.
According to the CA AG office: "The Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act (Government Code sections 12580-12599.8) requires registration and annual reporting by all charitable nonprofit corporations, unincorporated associations, trustees, and other legal entities holding assets for charitable purposes… the Supervision of Trustees and Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act applies to any person/entity holding money or property for charitable purposes…Regardless of assets or revenue, once an organization is operating in California it is required to register with the Registry of Charitable Trusts within 30 days after receipt of assets, and file Form RRF-1 with the Registry annually."

FACT: In 2014, Operation Warriors wrote checks from their own Business banking account to the 'trailblazers' who were 501c3 tax-exempt, public charities. This FACT confirms the requirement to register with the State of CA as they were clearly "holding assets in trust to be used for public and charitable purposes." This FACT conflicts directly with Operation Warriors scammers own claim of not operating as a business prior to being outed by Jeffrey Carr’s article: http://jeffreycarr.blogspot.com/2015/03/the-military-charity-third-party.html

FACT: Operation Warriors told donors to make checks out to "Operation Warriors" and then told donors to use the tax exempt ID of another organization that is actually a registered 501c3 for tax write-offs. This is TAX-FRAUD, and anyone who did send money directly to Operation Warriors scammers that deducted it on your taxes needs to contact your CPA or the IRS immediately to correct, and report Operation Warriors for Fraud.

FACT: Using the title of Gold Star Family to solicit money, in multiple mediums (video, verbal, written…) is not only abhorrent and should never be tolerated… it is FRAUD. Picking and choosing titles seems to be a common theme with the Operation Warrior scammers. Lori Douhan is not a Gold Star family member regardless of her self-identification as a Gold Star Aunt which sounds a lot like Bruce Jenner’s self-identification as a woman, or Rachel Dolezel’s self-identification as a black woman. There is no such thing as Gold Star neighbor, Gold Star friend, or Gold Star acquaintance.

FACT: If you choose to ignore these facts and start working with the scammers of Operation Warriors, you can fully expect that EVERY email, phone conversation, letter, financials, and your other organizational documents that you shared with them will be taken by them and made public at the time you identify they are scamming you and you want to break ties. These crooks will harvest your sponsor and donors names and contact information, they will harvest your personal social media accounts and claim to be a part of your community by the new ‘associations’ they and their cohorts of hustlers collect. They will NOT go quietly, and will actively work to destroy you and your organization in the process.

Beware! Operation Warrior Support (https://www.facebook.com/OperationWarriorSupport?fref=ts) is a fundraising scam by Lori Douhan a Gold Star impostor, fake Gold Star Wife (sometimes mom), Kelly Stoebner (multiple other names/aliases e.g. Kelly Madison), and Joanna Collins (exposed running multiple fake Navy SEALs accounts since 2012)

First, they are NOT a non-profit despite the Facebook page for Operation Warriors (formerly Operation Warriors Support) which claims to be a ‘non-profit organization’.

Operation Warriors is run by three women using a network of hustlers and collectors and that are targeting special operations members and their families, as well as collecting data on the Veteran’s charities.

We, Navy SEALs, have already identified some of the data collectors and hustlers (eg. Susan Herbert aka Susan Hall, aka Susan Bishop) for Operation Warriors. These collectors open accounts that search for a military operator who has an open friend list that they can begin friend requesting anyone who seems to be a Navy SEAL or family member. The recent collector accounts were promptly called out, reported, and blocked and eventually disappeared after we exposed them. This collecting technique is standard operating procedures for the operation warriors.

They modus operandi is to attack and slander supporters of NSW and people running social media for NSW charities. Through the slander, lies, and conniving they attempt to remove legitimate supporters and then inject themselves into our charities. We have been contacted by various supporters stating they were tired of the harassment by the operation warriors group and some even decided to close social media accounts to stop the relentless harassment from this group.

When exposed, they viciously attack and slander our NSW charities and veterans businesses. (...read more)

They previously attempted to inject themselves into one of our primary charities hosting gathering of Gold Star Families… When questioned about their credentials, and ask to provide references and proof of their work, they refused to verify their claims and responded with a slanderous message regarding the charity operations.

In 2014, when fired from another one of our prominent charities, not only did they make off with a database of donors and contacts, they maliciously signed contracts obligating that organization to venues with significant financial penalties. I consider taking the contacts of donors to be stealing from the organization. This group contacted the donors with false claims against the organization and used private information without permission, thus negatively impacting the charity’s ability to continue their mission of taking care of military veterans and their families.

Until today, these three women have been unrelenting in their phone calls and messaging to our Navy SEAL businesses, where they slander people who they believe to be running the business media, and attempt to inject themselves into controlling their media. The sad truth is the founding of Operation Warriors was done without integrity, and their growth has been attempted with nefarious collecting schemes, and further degraded to malicious targeting of legitimate supporters who are helping the NSW community. The jealousy and envy of these three is beyond reproach and the primary reason they have been losing social media support. They have survived by a thread, and it is time to cut the thread and send them away. Their vengeful actions are inexcusable and will not be tolerated. They will not be allowed to bring discredit and embarrassment to the NSW organizations who have been fighting them off for years.

Operation Warriors is run by 3 woman are that are causing a lot of damage to our community, they are:

Lori Douhan, Kelly Stoebner, Joanna Collins. They are not part of the NSW Community, despite their attempts to lie and manipulate their way into it. They are obsessed with being recognized as part of the Naval Special Warfare Community… why? They have backgrounds with Air Force and Army, they are not Navy families as they have claimed in various messages intended to bring harm to the supporters that they envy.

Lori Douhan – Gold Star impostor, claims to be a Gold Star and at times even posts the Gold Star as her avatar… We know that she is NOT and Gold Star Wife, NOT a Gold Star Mother, NOT a Gold Star Daughter. She led me to believe for a long time that she is a Gold Star Wife, and never corrected me (remember Silver Strand Foundation and Workman’s Brothers?). It is true that a family member gave his life for our country, and we honor and respect the family’s sacrifice. However, it is not acceptable to use this great loss as a way to mislead others and gain artificial sympathy and respect.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lmdouhan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bratpack_Mama

Kelly Stoebner aka Kelly Madison (and pletora of other names and aliases) – the one that made off with one of our charities contacts and donors database. She has a brother in the Army, so why not support the Army instead of chasing after Navy SEALs, their charities and supporters? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DashMadison1776 Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/DashMadison1776

Joanna Collins, this scammer was caught running fake Navy SEALs and veterans accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Collins was exposed falsifying her resume, claiming to be working with SEAL organizations like UDT-SEAL Association, UDT-SEAL Museum, etc. Joanna Collins, as any of the Operation Warrior scammers, has no affiliation with the Naval Special Warfare community, and she never worked for UDT-SEAL Association nor SEAL Museum. It is a lie.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joanna.s.collins
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MsJoCollins

This group claims to be a part of our (Navy) family… NOT TRUE. The only connection to the Navy is the attack on true Navy Supporters.

Why would three women with no connection to the NSW community try so hard to raise money for us? Remember the Workmans? Again they are not connected to our community in any way.

These three hustlers have the audacity to call on SEAL businesses with lies and slander attacking our supporters.

Beware! They will attack you like they attack the charities and organization that refuse to cave in to their demands. As always with any organization or individual(s) raising money out of the ‘goodness of their hearts’… you MUST verify, verify, verify… and anyone who feels offended at your questions has just told you that they are a crook!

Silver Strand Foundation (www.silverstrandfoundation.org ) - Shut down.

Scam. Defunct. Third Party Fundraising scam. Money collected on behalf of fallen Navy SEALs and their families were never accounted for.

Support the SEALs (www.supporttheseals.org ) - Shut down.

Scam. Defunct. Fake charity. The website www.supporttheseals.org was recovered from individuals running charity scam and it is now being administered by Navy SEALs.

Trusted Organizations

Operation 300

In Honor of Navy SEAL, SOC Aaron Vaughn, Operation 300 is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization which hosts adventure camps for children who have lost their fathers as a result of military service and seeks to honor the families of the fallen. The camps provide an opportunity to participate in activities that embody the spirit of adventure that characterized the lives of their absent fathers while fostering a culture of courage, strength, freedom, endurance, honor and godly morality embodied by fearless patriots throughout the history of our American Republic.


America's Mighty Warriors Logo

Navy SEALs Fund is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3), organization established in December of 2009 by former Navy SEALs. It is 100% volunteer organization. There are no paid positions.The primary mission of the Navy SEALs Fund is to provide relief through educational and/or financial assistance for current and former SEAL teammates and families. The overall objective is to reduce the financial burden of members of the Naval Special Warfare Community who are in need of assistance.


Navy SEALs Fund

Debbie Lee founded America’s Might Warriors, after her son Marc was the first Navy Seal to be killed in Iraq on August 2, 2006. In Marc’s Last Letter Home, he asked for friends and family to “pass on the love and kindness and precious gift of human life”. Since then, America’s Mighty Warriors has been fighting to support our troops, the fallen and their families and to work with like-minded organizations to do the same. Gold Star Respite - through Gold Star Respite, families of the fallen are invited to stay at the Heroes Hope Home in Arizona or attend one of several retreats held through out the year. Extended families are welcome to the Heroes Hope Home so parents, grandparents and siblings can join spouses and children of the fallen for some much deserved respite, relaxation and rejuvenation.


Warrior Widows

Warrior Windows was founded by Gold Star Navy SEAL/SWCC Widows, a 501c3 non-profit that supports the surviving families of Navy SEALs and NSW fallen heroes. Their mission is to make sure every surviving family of fallen Navy SEALs and NSW Heroes is looked after by trying to fill in the gaps in support that a lot of our fellow survivors fall through. Locally and nationally, NSW Warrior Widows is devoting its energy to passionately advocating for the surviving families of our fallen Navy SEALs and NSW heroes. Making sure no one is left behind.

"Using tragedy as fuel for greatness." -Warrior Widows


Warfighter Foundation

We are proud to serve a very elite group of men and women. A group that makes up less than 10% of the veteran community. Combat Veterans account for roughly .001% of the entire nations population. There are a lot of great charities that serve our military veterans however most cater to all veterans, we set ourselves apart by only providing to those who have served in combat. We define a combat veteran as an individual who has earned a combat distinguishing device (i.e. Combat Action Ribbon, Combat Action Medal, Combat Infantryman Badge, etc.) Why do we cater specifically to combat veterans? Simple, because combat veterans have bled and sweat the most during all combat operations and therefore deserve to be placed on a pedestal.We have done a lot of great things since we started and it is because of our supporters that we even exist. On behalf of our nations combat veterans and their families, thank you!


Guardian of Valor

Gurardian of Valor

This organization is dedicated to outing those that would steal Valor from those who have earned it.

Outting people who falsely claim Military service and/or claim unauthorized medals or tabs.