Drago’s list is built on research and facts, but in the end it is my opinion based on these facts.


Resources for Small Organizations

Basic Volunteer Questionnaire

This list is not all inclusive, but will provide a solid base for screening potential volunteers. Any person who does not wish to answer these questions is most likely a person you do not want representing your organization.

Click here for Basic Volunteer Questionnaire

Fundraising Agreement

Under construction...

Cease and Desist Letter

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Habit Patterns of Crooks and Thieves that have been Exposed

Crooks try to scare people into silence in order to propagate their continued fleecing of military families. Silence of victims is the crooks best tool.

Habit Patterns of Crooks and Thieves who have been exposed:

  • Threaten to sue those making inquiries
  • Claim it is all a lie and they have 100% Innocence
  • Attack those who have made their scam public
  • Try to put responsibility on the victims to prove innocence.
  • State proof is coming… over … and over… and over… with no documents produced.
  • Post outdated pictures, notes, letters that they claim are individuals/groups supporting them.
  • Stay the course and putting the pressure on always results in more evidence from the crooks.

Case Studies

'Operation Warriors' fundraising scam - coming soon...

'Silver Strand Foundation' fundrasing scam - coming soon...

'Support the SEALs' fake charity - coming soon...

Donna Sullivan - fundrasing scam - coming soon...